All AZSystem Products now Support AZe Update (easy update)

From now on all AZSystem firmware (for WinCE HMI) comes with AZeUpdate (pronounced as Eazy Update).

AZeUpdate provides online firmware update, with just one click on the touch screen.

AZeUpdate is secure and fail-safe! The AZeUpdate-pack (package needed for performing an update) is verified by multiple layers of security and the AZePackage is dedicated for one device only. No mixups can occure, the AZePackage is only allowed to install on the specific device it is intended for.

Each system receives it's own specific, dedicated updates.

The AZeUpdate can also be performed unattended (only when internet connection is available and when 1 minute of downtime at any time is allowed).

In case no internet connection is available, the update AZeUpdate-pack can be delivered to the system by using a USB stick. Once the USB is inserted into the system, just one click is required to perform the firmware update.

One Click: AZeUpdate.