Filter Testbench for 3M

3M is constantly testing their products.
For testing purposes 3M needed a system that allows easy flow control.
The easy flow control was achieved by applying an HMI communicating with a Smart Trak 2 Mass Flow Controller.
The HMI provides:
- Direct flowrate setpoint control
- Gas selection
- Zero and span modification
- Totalizer
- Multiple selectable flow units
- Sample rate: 10 Hz


Screenshot of the HMI Control Unit:

3M Testbench HMI Flowrate Controlled Setpoint Modbus 


HMI build in cabinet:

3M Testbench for profing filters wit controlled gas flow


Total overview of cabinet, including verfication device: CalTrak XL.

Hardware build by WiTD Service, Sierra Instruments B.V. and 3M; Software provided by AZSystem

AZ Modbus Driver

The A.Z. Modbus Driver is at the core of many of A.Z. System's projects. Here is a schematic representation of the driver.



AZ System Modbus Driver


The A.Z. Modbus Driver natively supports the following devices:

Brainchild16DO (16 channel digital output module)

Brainchild 8AI (12 bit 8 channel analog mA input module)

Brainchild 8AO (12 bit 8 channel analog mA output module)

Sierra Instruments Compod (SmartTrak2 massflow controller Modbus Add-on)

Sierra Instruments 640 (insertion flow meter)

Vogtlin ECO RedY massflow controller

Temco T3-8I13O (10 bit 8 channel analog voltage input, 13 relay output)



Analog to Modbus Controller

This project converts analog signals to digital Modbus RTU signals and visa versa.

The controller can control up to eight channels.

Also the Modbus RTU digital Mass Flow Controllers are hot swappable, using the automatic modbus configurator.

the automatic configuration of modbus devices                    Analog to Modbus Converter

Implementing the AZ Modbus Driver on this project delivers dynamic baudrate Modbus RTU connection on one network.

Continuous Topup Manager

The Continuous Topup Manager is in purpose equal to the Smartfill MFU, but it differs on some points:

Continuous operation
Standalone and unattended
GPRS/3G used for emailing reports
Native .NET firmware
IP65 Rated

The system uses a Mass Flow Controller to ensure gentle top-up.

Two pressure transducers are used to monitor actual pressure and ensure hoses are leaktight.

Internal communicator is achieved by Modbus RTU RS485 2 Wire.

The HMI Software is based on Arwin Zonneveld's custom Modbus Driver.


Smartfill Continuous Topup Manager