Filter Testbench for 3M

3M is constantly testing their products.
For testing purposes 3M needed a system that allows easy flow control.
The easy flow control was achieved by applying an HMI communicating with a Smart Trak 2 Mass Flow Controller.
The HMI provides:
- Direct flowrate setpoint control
- Gas selection
- Zero and span modification
- Totalizer
- Multiple selectable flow units
- Sample rate: 10 Hz


Screenshot of the HMI Control Unit:

3M Testbench HMI Flowrate Controlled Setpoint Modbus 


HMI build in cabinet:

3M Testbench for profing filters wit controlled gas flow


Total overview of cabinet, including verfication device: CalTrak XL.

Hardware build by WiTD Service, Sierra Instruments B.V. and 3M; Software provided by AZSystem